Sermon: The Faith-fueling Nature of Glorifying God

Here is a sermon preached at First Baptist Church Dublin on September 16, 2018, on Romans 4:20 titled "The Faith Fueling Nature of Glorifying God". A video of the service can be seen here.


Christian Beliefs Class 9/16

Class Audio: What is Theology? (Revisited) “Systematic theology is any study that answers the question, ‘What does the whole Bible teach us today?’ about any given topic.” – Wayne Grudem (Systematic Theology, 21) “The application of Scripture, by persons, to every area of life.” – John Frame (Systematic Theology, 8) “The truth of Scripture, absorbed … Continue reading Christian Beliefs Class 9/16

Book Review: American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

Imagine living on the cusp of the 16th century. Political and religious turmoil mark the land. Areas that spark with religious activity are anticipating something big, even the end of the world. And then the news comes. A new land has been found. A land like the garden of Eden, untouched by civilization with endless … Continue reading Book Review: American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion

Christian Beliefs Class: 9/9

Class Audio: Class Notes: What is Theology? Etymology of Theology – Theos (God) + Logos (Word/Logos) = A Word concerning God, the Study of God. Theos – God (Universally Understood). Everyone person has beliefs (conscious or unconscious) about God. How do you answer the following questions? Where did everything come from? Where does purpose originate? … Continue reading Christian Beliefs Class: 9/9

Book Review: The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

Throughout history, few passages of Scripture have received the amount of attention and commentary as the Sermon on the Mount. One of the peaks of Scripture as well as the Gospel of Matthew, chapters 5-7 present a Christian summation of ethical living. In addressing Old Testament law, eschatological expectation, and practical exhortations, the passage presents … Continue reading Book Review: The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing

Book Review: Tying the Knot by Rob Green

  There are few seasons of life quite as unique as engagement--that brief period of time between singleness and marriage where two people prepare to spend the rest of their lives together. Each moment, or even second, brings them closer to the chapel. The couple carries with them the aroma of excitement and anticipation, where … Continue reading Book Review: Tying the Knot by Rob Green