Biblical Counseling and Penance: Insights from Martin Bucer on the True Care of Souls

The Biblical Counseling movement started through Jay Adams' discontentment with the influence of secular psychology on seminary curriculum for pastors. While Biblical Counseling as a movement is relatively young, Christian pastoral care has existed since the days of the early church. In the spirit of historical questions such as "where was justification by faith before... Continue Reading →


Sermon: Who is Jesus?

Here is a sermon preached at First Baptist Church Dublin on November 11, 2018, on Hebrews 1:1-4 titled "Who is Jesus?". A video of the service can be seen here.

Christian Beliefs Class – 11/11

Class Audio Orthodox – The teaching of the Church Fathers (100 AD – 799 AD, Church Fathers to the crowning of Charlemagne) Important Historical Milestones/Moments: Persecution Nero begins persecution in 64 AD in Rome, Rome burns and blames it on the Christians, Paul and Peter martyred in Rome. 250-312 AD, various Roman emperors (Decius, Valerian,... Continue Reading →

Christian Beliefs Class 11/4 – Historical Theology

Class Audio WHAT IS THEOLOGY? HISTORICAL CONSIDERATIONS (I.III) Introduction How does History inform our beliefs? No one comes to any text of Scripture without being informed by others. Our beliefs, theology, favorite Scripture passages, interpretations of Scripture are indebted to others who have heavily influenced us. Micro-level – What sermon has influenced you the most?... Continue Reading →

Christian Beliefs Class 10/14 – Biblical Theology

Class Audio Question: Is Systematic Theology different in different cultures? Yes and No Yes, language principle. Systematic Theology might appear differently because different languages have to communicate biblical truths within the language’s semantic range of meaning. Have to adapt language somewhere, since not everyone speaks Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. All theology will use language, so... Continue Reading →

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